Teaching My Kids At Protsahan!

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Teaching my kids at Protsahan class in Delhi, a basic science game. It involved little yet ‘CONCEPTS’ [:)] on magnets, earth’s revolution and rotation, and general aptitude. The excitement the kids showed on this first official lesson on the science of their lives, was exemplary!

The little chuckles, delights and the (never-ending) questions blew my mind! I have never tried being a teacher, for the love of my life, I could never be, but when at Protsahan, my apprehensions, scares, rationale for life all go away, for I know, I just have to teach them some little thing every day, that helps them become some very fine women when they are my age. Life has assumed a different meaning.

I was a mediocre student/working professional like any of you, till a year back, now though people call me a Sociopreneur, I know I am so much more than that. I am someone’s “ma’am jeeeeee” (yes that’s what they call me!), I am someone’s lantern…to make her wade through the dark tunnels. I am more than anything, someone’s reason to smile. 

Thanks to Protsahan’s ever amazing team back here at Delhi, Mumbai, South Africa, U.S and Singapore, Protsahan will always have the strength to spread a little more happiness in the world. 

Cheers to every hand thats come up for our support. 

Sonal Kapoor Founder Director

Protsahan India Foundation

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