Our Impact

Julie: A 7-year old, who was found at a red light area, not knowing why she stood there, was brought to Protsahan a few months back. A very shy, scared girl, she never spoke in the class. She had never attended school. Now, after 8 months, she has learned numbers, can do little additions and subtractions and helps her mother keep track of the little money her father earns. She makes wonderful Madhubani paintings and is on her way to learning Mexican and Aztec art! She can write her name in English and Hindi and can read little sentences in Hindi. She loves coming to the Protsahan classroom every day.

Sandhya: A 9 year old, extremely scared, child of a migrant laborer from Bihar, whose angry father spilled hot oil on her left leg in a fit of anger, never spoke in the class when she initially joined. Within 3 months, she squeals with delight on learning how the earth revolves and rotates, gets excited on learning T for Tiger and Z for Zebra. She loves to carefully pack her books in her bag and very neatly keeps her colors and pencils in her pencil box. We have seen the transformation in her. She is continuing to evolve.