Buying a Refurbished Laptops Boon or Bane-

Buying A Refurbished Laptops – Boon OR Bane?

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If you’re a college student or a freelancer who’s on a budget, buying refurbished laptops must be part of your plans. After all, who can resist a discount? Before you cash in on your choice, though, you should know the difference between refurbished and used laptops.

Too many people assume that the refurbished laptops are the second tier and are not going to be a high quality working machine like the new ones. The truth is that refurbished laptops are usually no different than the new ones.

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A refurbished laptop simply means it was initially sent back to the manufacturer because of factory defects. Once they’re returned, all of the hardware, software, and computer specifications is restored back to normal. They can also be overstock items that retail stores couldn’t sell due to their unpopular battery duration, size or weight.

Here are three reasons are the benefits of buying a refurbished laptop.

  • Refurbished laptops work just as well as brand new computers

These laptops undergo numerous examinations to check for fault and ensure quality. If any defects are found with any component of the laptop, the faulty part is replaced with a brand new one.

They are rechecked once more before they are sent out for sale, ensuring that the one you buy will be ready to go. With even new computers, glitches can occur that impede function, but with refurbished laptops, you’re getting a great deal on a computer that’s been checked and rechecked many times before it reaches your hands.

It is also advantageous as you will be getting brand new operating systems and application software. Many users are usually concerned about hidden viruses in the refurbished laptop. This shouldn’t be a problem at all, because you’re getting a thoroughly clean system.

  • It’s much easier to upgrade

With newer technologies emerging every day, you can improve the refurbished laptop without spending too much money. With the money you spend on a brand new computer model, you can do more upgrades throughout several years.

If your goal is to be technologically savvy and keep up with the latest features, at first it may seem like buying brand new computers may be a smart idea, but when you do that, you break your budget, and the technological world whizzes pass you while you save up for your next computer purchase. With refurbished laptops, you don’t have to be left behind in the next technological wave.

  • Great way to go green

Purchasing a refurbished laptop is an excellent way to go green because it supports the concept of recycling computer materials that are toxic to the environment instead of dumping them recklessly into the landfills to pollute our water and soil. You will conduct your daily operations on your refurbished computer and when you’re done with it remember to also recycle it.

With all the above reasons its evident buying refurbished laptops is really beneficial. They work just as well as new computers with a small price tag.

Once you settle on a seller, you should do the following:

  • Confirm the refurbished Laptop specifications

Make sure the seller has complete product descriptions that include full product specifications and descriptions with a list of the items included with the laptop. Be sure to understand what is in the shipping group for the product, so you will not be disappointed when the product arrives, and the items in the box were not what you expected. If software such as Microsoft XP, or Windows Vista are installed on the refurbished laptop make sure that the original software license keys are included with the product.

  • Understand Product Warranties

Make sure there is a product warranty and that the terms of the warranty are spelled out completely. It is a good idea to read the terms and conditions of the warranty. If the terms are not spelled out, then contact the seller to get a copy.

The minimum warranty period you should accept is a thirty-day warranty, with ninety days being a good compromise. If your refurbished laptop performs for thirty days to your expectation, then it is likely it will work for years to come, subject to the failures typical of an electronic device. Regarding extended warranties, this is an individual decision, but buying an extended service plan for a laptops costing under Rs 30000 is rarely a good decision. Be sure to understand the conditions under which you can return the product.

  • Test the Customer Service

Make sure there is a customer service function that includes a live person on the other end of the phone. Look for the contact numbers and call the support line to make sure support will be available when you need it.

  • Verify the Integrity of the Seller

Look for Better Business Bureau (BBB) seals, or Buy Safe seals which are indicators of the seller’s integrity and acceptable business practices. If the seller has a reviews section on their web site check out what others have said but be aware that a seller can write the reviews and use fictitious names to make it look like real customers have provided the comments

Let’s Wrap Up!

The purchasing of a refurbished laptop that meets the original manufacturer specifications can be a financially rewarding experience. If you are on a budget or planning to buy your first computer, a refurbished laptop that fits your requirements and comes with a standard warranty can be a very smart and rewarding approach.

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