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Gone are the days when laptops were considered as gadgets for the elite only in India; now anybody, including the common man can own one. We have shared best laptops under 40000 INR in-depth review also.

With the proliferation and advancement of technology, laptops become not only better but more affordable, and now if you’re in India, you can get yourself one with just 10-15 rupees. Sure, there’re laptops that cost well over a lakh, but those are the high-end models.

Beyond price, laptops are now available in a myriad of size and shapes, while offering different performances. You should always keep in mind these points while buying one.

With an overwhelming number of options to choose from, it can be a challenge to choose the right laptop that will suit your every need.

The good thing, however, is that there’re reputable brands that have built a solid name in designing durable, performance-oriented and reliable laptops, regardless of the price range, and article, we shall highlight the best laptops brand in India that you should consider when making your next purchase.

Top 5 Laptops Brand in India

1) Dell

Dell is a household name, and in 2018, the Dell XPS 13 and Dell XPS 15, emerged in the list of the best laptops 2018.

Dell is famous for its style, performance, and features, and as a result, the brand has achieved a celebratory status among many users.

With more than 3 decades in the industry, Dell has gained popularity, and currently, it serves more than 70 countries globally.

Adopting new technology, while keeping in mind the modern laptop user, Dell has revamped on its design and now offers a flawless experience to its users.

More to this, Dell is generally known for its long battery life and have added this to their latest 7th-gen Intel processor, the Dell products are now much faster and with reliable battery life.

Another major selling point of Dell is that it offers all its products at a discounted price, and this gives it a competitive advantage over the other brands.

What’s more? Dell has brilliant post-services, including warranty issues, and shipping costs.
Dell Inspiron is the most sold variant of Dell and constitutes the largest share of Dell computer sales in India.

2) Lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese-based brand that was founded in 1984. It is yet another top laptop brand, not in India alone, but globally.

At the moment, Lenovo develops, manufactures and sells a gamut of laptops and other electronics globally.

Unlike a majority of the brands, Lenovo provides laptops based on priorities.

For instance, Lenovo has performance laptops such as Y-Series, are tailored for the professionals, gamers, and creators, while the ultraportable laptops are designed for individuals who carry their laptops wherever they go.

Budget laptops, on the other hand, are designed for use in homes and they offer value and performance in alone package.

The Y series laptops are a popular option in the Indian gaming laptop market.
Some of the most preferred Lenovo laptops include;

• Lenovo Z series
• Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Series
• Lenovo S Series
• Lenovo G series
• Lenovo Flex Series

3) Apple

Undoubtedly, Apple is recognized as the undisputed king of laptops.

Established in the US in 1976, Apple, with laptops known as MacBook, is a brand that needs no introduction.

MacBook’s are Apples’ flagship products and happened to be the world’s most selling premium laptop.
In India, Apple is best recognized for its hardware consumer products, optimization, performance, features, elegance, and technology.

In spite of being the most expensive brand on our of the list of the best laptop brands in India and in the market, it’s the most reputed and trusted brand.

It also has the most number of laptop sales globally.

4) HP

HP or the Hewlett-Packard Company is an American multinational IT company founded in 1974.

With over 4 decades in the industry, it’s the oldest brand that is still available in the market. In recent years, HP has become a respected laptop brand.

HP has often been recognized as the founder of Silicon Valley, but this is not entirely accurate.

Nonetheless, it was leading brand in the PC domain from 2007 to 2013.

Beyond laptops, HP also manufactures various PC products such as printers, servers, and storage options.

The HP Spectre 360 is one of the popular options in the Indian market. It comes with an impressive slim profile and incorporates the latest hardware profile.

5) Samsung

Samsung is an electronics giant that deals with a plethora of consumer electronics ranging from home appliances, personal care, gadgets, electronic items and much more.

Though Samsung is synonymous with smartphones, this South Korean giant founded in 1969 has been able to make a significant mark in the laptop domain as well

In India, the demand for Samsung has shown a remarkable growth after the highest-selling in their mobile devices to a large extent.

What makes Samsung a go-to solution for a majority of the computer nerd is the reliability, and the ability of the products to maintain the standard quality that will meet the needs of varied users, especially with hassle-free functions and programs.

Let’s Wrap Up!!

The list above sums up our entire collection of the best laptops brand in India.
Choosing any model from the above list will guarantee an easy, hassle-free, and manageable laptop user experience.

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