8 Best Laptop Under 25000 in India

8 Best laptop Under 25000 In India

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Even though it is a given fact that costlier laptops are more efficient than the cheaper ones, you could find several high-quality devices under INR 25000. Although these laptops might not be perfect for you if you are a software professional, for regular students or others, they are quite good. I have shared other review posts under 20000, 30000, 50000, 60000, and 70000 laptops. You can check out these too if you want to.

In this blog, we have tried to include the best laptop under 25000 for you. These are quite easy to carry around, but these are perfect for watching movies, surfing the internet, and other features. Most people usually use these in their homes to listen to music or watch their favorite series. We have included every vital detail about the laptops in this review.

Top Laptops to Buy Under 25000 In India- A Detailed Review

The following laptops have been rated quite highly by the users in India. Not only are they affordable, but they are pretty efficient as well.

1. Asus X441UA

Even though this model of laptop by Asus costs under INR 25000, you will be amazed by its quality. Not only is it quite compact, but it is pretty sturdy as well. The device has 1 TB storage space, which will allow you to save a large number of your favorite movies or tv series without any problem. The product has 4 GB RAM, which might not offer a great processor, but it is generous at a price.

Asus X441UA

The laptop is powered with Intel i3, which makes it perfect as a home entertainment center. It has an HD 620 graphics card, which makes it ideal for playing games within 6 to 7 GB. Not only will you be able to run Google Chrome without any problem but also any other software.


  • The processor of the device is quite good at its price.
  • It looks quite sophisticated.
  • The product is quite sturdy.
  • It has an optical drive.


  • It has a DOS OS.

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2. Asus VivoBook 15

If you are looking forward to buying the best laptop under 25000, which is lightweight and has a 15.6-inches screen, then Asus VivoBook 15 is the perfect option. Not only does the computer looks excellent externally, but it offers HD video streaming quite easily. You will be quite surprised by the level of susceptibility of the keyboard.

Asus VivoBook 15

The best part about this laptop is its over 512 GB of SSD and 4 GB RAM. At the price of INR 25,000, it is quite uncommon to find a device that offers SSD. The weight of the laptop is under 2 kg as well, which is lighter than its competitors. You will notice that the device has Type C USB 3.1. That means you will be able to transfer large video files within seconds through this laptop.


  • It comes with SSD storage.
  • The charging option of the device is pretty fast.
  • It is quite compact for the given price.
  • It also comes with a fingerprint scanner.


  • There is no number pad on the device.

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3. HP 14 Pentium Gold 

HP is one of the most renowned laptop manufacturing brands globally, and the Pentium Gold version 14 model does not disappoint at all. It is the best laptop under 25000 if you want great battery life and SSD storage of 256 GB. Moreover, this device has 4 GB RAM, which is quite perfect for you if you’re going to use the laptop for your home or school.

HP 14 Pentium Gold 

You will be able to stream high-quality HD videos by using this laptop quite easily. Plus, the computer allows you to upgrade the RAM up to 16 GB and also increase the storage to 512 GB. Not only will you be able to download movies but different software too.


  • The device is pretty compact and easy to carry around.
  • It allows users to upgrade their storage as well as RAM.
  • The battery life is quite good.
  • It comes with SSD storage.


  • The design of the laptop is quite bulky.

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4. Dell New Inspiron 3595

Usually, Dell does not manufacture laptops under the price of INR 25000, but this time they have successfully built the best laptop under 25000. You will be quite stunned to see the quality of the product. It is not only sturdy but pretty easy to operate. As the laptop comes with an AMD A6-9225 processor, you will be able to access pretty fast service by it.

Dell New Inspiron 3595

Moreover, the product comes with 1 TB HDD storage and 4 GB RAM, which are pretty impressive features for a laptop that costs so less. As the product has a vast storage capacity, you will not have any problem in storing your desired movie or tv series on your laptop. The picture quality offered by the device is quite perfect as well.


  • The laptop is quite durable.
  • It looks quite expensive.
  • It is pre-installed with Windows 10.


  • It does not have a good battery back-up.

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5. Lenovo Ideapad 130 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly laptop with an excellent battery back-up, then Lenovo Ideapad is the best laptop under 25000 for you. Despite being so affordable, this device is quite perfect for daily usage. With a storage space of 1 TB, this laptop allows you to save all of your favorite content easily.

Lenovo Ideapad 130

The device comes with an AMD E2-9000 processor and 4 GB RAM. Moreover, it allows you to upgrade the base speed of the device up to 2.2 GHz. But you should remember not to run heavy applications while using the laptop. Even though the graphics card is not that great, you will be able to play some popular games on it as it is pre-installed with Windows 10.


  • The audio quality of the device is pretty excellent.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Users can rotate the laptop up to 180-degrees.


  • The product is not highly durable.

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6. Lenovo V130 

Lenovo V130 is the best laptop under 25000 for you if you are looking for a product with an Intel i3 processor. The computer is more advanced than other laptops in the blog, but it offers an excellent picture quality. It comes with a 15.6-inches screen, which makes it perfect for watching movies.

Lenovo V130

The device comes with 1 TB HDD and 4 GB of RAM. You will be able to solve your daily problems using this laptop without any problem. But you will not be able to upload heavy software. The device comes with a shutter security camera, which allows you to protect your webcam easily. Moreover, it also comes with fast charging features.


  • The product is spill-resistant.
  • It comes with an Intel i3 processor.
  • It offers more than 6 hours of battery back-up.


  • It comes with DOS OS.

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7. HP 15 RYZEN R3

If you are a college student looking forward to buying the best laptop under 25000, then HP 15 RYZEN is an excellent choice for you. This laptop is also great for you if you are a computer student. With a fabulous AMD Ryzen 3200 U processor, this device is exceptionally fast. Moreover, it offers 4 GB of RAM, which is not bad for the price it is being sold.


The product not only offers 1 TB of storage space but also 12 hours of battery back-up. Moreover, you will be able to charge it to its fullest within 45 minutes.


  • The battery life is fabulous.
  • It offers fantastic speakers.
  • The device is pretty compact.


  • It does not come with an optical drive.

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8. Lenovo IdeaPad S145

Lastly, when we are talking about the best laptop under 25000, we have to include the Lenovo IdeaPad S145 to this list. With an AMD Ryzen 3 3200 U processor and 4 GB RAM, you will be able to handle your daily activities easily using this laptop. Moreover, it offers a storage space of 1 TB. Hence, you will be able to download several of your favorite videos without any problem.

Lenovo IdeaPad S145

Even though the product’s graphics card is not that good, it acts quite significantly as an entertainment system. The best part about the laptop is that it offers more than 5.5 hours of battery back-up.


  • The laptop is pre-installed with Windows 10 OS.
  • It is quite durable.
  • It offers HD quality pictures without any problem.


  • The battery life is not that great.

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3 Essential Tips To Consider While Shopping For A Laptop Under 25000

Many people often find it quite challenging to buy a computer for them. Usually, laptops are not cheap, and people do not love to risk buying the wrong device. Even though INR 25000 is not that pricey but it is not cheap either. So, you should consider the tips given in the following section of this blog while shopping.

Crucial tips to follow while shopping for the best laptop under 25000

To buy a computer without any doubt, follow the points provided below.

1. Choose the right size of your laptop

Usually, laptops are found from sizes 11-inches to 17-inches. Now, you must decide what do you want to do with your computer. If you are going to bring your laptop with you, you should always go with the smaller one. Otherwise, if you are going to watch movies or series on your newly-bought laptop, you should try to get the bigger one. But you should also remember that you will not get the desired core processor on a smaller laptop. This may hinder the device’s speed.

2. The keyboard of the device

Many people do not pay attention to the console of their laptops, but it is one of the most important parts to note while shopping for it. If you type a lot in a day, you should always get a laptop with comfortable keyboards. Moreover, you should also notice if the keyboard is backlit or not. If it is not backlit, then you will not be able to work during the night.

3. RAM of the product

Nowadays, with growing technological advancement, people tend to buy laptops with at least 8 GB of RAM. You should also consider purchasing the device which has more RAM. A greater RAM will mean that you will be able to run every application on your laptop smoothly. Never buy a computer that offers less than 4 GB of RAM.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Laptop Under 25000

What is the best Operating System for a DOS laptop? 

Ans. Nowadays, you can install any Operating system you want on your laptop. Even though you can install Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or Chrome, but remember, Windows offers less processing speed compared to the other OS mentioned previously.

Can a greater RAM let one play any game on their laptop?

Ans. Sadly, you will not be able to play certain games on your laptop, even if you upgrade your RAM. Only upgrading your RAM will not make your computer compatible with every game on the planet. For playing high-quality games, you will need an updated graphics card or even a better processor. You will have to change most of your laptop’s hardware if you are genuinely eager to play the said games.

Are SSD and HHD the same?

Ans. Firstly, SSD stands for Solid State drive, and HHD stands for a hard disk drive. Even though they are both storage devices, but SSD’s are far superior to HHD. But HHD offers more storage than SSD also though it is way slower than the latter one.

What are some of the most famous laptop brands in India?

Ans. You will find several renowned brands in India that manufacture high-quality laptops. Some of them are Lenovo, Acer, Apple, Razer, HP, and others.

In conclusion

All the laptops included in the list are the best, which you will find under INR 25,000. Even though they are pretty cheap, but we can assure you that they do their job correctly. If you take good care of them, you will be able to use them for years.

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