A German’s Tryst with Protsahan!

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She came. She saw. They won her over. 

Meet Anja Kreuzer from Germany. She came over to Protsahan in February 2011. She spoke to the kids about her country. She got pictures of her childhood and showed it around. The kids were ecstatic to meet this beautiful stranger 🙂

She showed them Germany on the globe, they showed her ‘their India’ ..and PROUDLY at that. They said ‘yeh humaara desh hai’ 😀

Shivani and Khushboo looking at Anja’s pictures, they see snow, they see Germany in these pictures..look at the concentration levels! 🙂 That day, they learned, its a huge huge world..indeed!

Story Telling. Princess and the frog prince. Raise your hands if you have heard the story 🙂

Even the Protsahan students bunk classes! Just like any of us 😀 For all those who came late, Anja started with ‘trying’ to scold with love, she ended up taking a lesson in Hindi!

Yes..that’s how you greet in India. With Humility. With Love. With respect. With a Namaste! The kids teach her how. What a wonderful moment it was. Truly special for everyone. For the teacher, for the students.

That’s Chhoti. She developed a special bond with Anja all within two days! She gift wrapped her favorite possessions: 5 toffees, a little beautiful toy (the only toy she had) and a monopoly note of Rs. 10. What do you and I know of giving? Chhoti knows more! 

Sonal Kapoor Founder

Protsahan India Foundation

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